YAK (Young Artists Kollective) is an interactive themed-based educational program where young artists problem-solve, use exciting new art materials, look at and learn about NC art and artists and meet fellow artists.  

Time and Day:  4:00-5:15 PM on the first Tuesday of the month for k-2nd graders and the second Tuesday for 3rd-6th graders.

Cost: Each four-month session (one meeting per month) is $35.  Household Members and above receive a 10% discount.



SEPTEMBER 5 & 12 | Self Portrait Drawings 

It’s back to the basics time for YAK as we start off with a cornerstone of artistic skill-building. In this workshop, YAK members will learn the “rules” for self-portrait drawing with an emphasis on observation, proportion and symmetry, and composition.  In addition we will create abstract self-portraits based on the style of Picasso.


OCTOBER 3 & 10 | Clay Busts

Clay is an all-time favorite here in the ArtQuest Studios and this month YAK members will build on what we learned in the drawing session by creating a small-scale bust using hand-building and sculpting techniques.


NOVEMBER 7 & 14 | Printmaking

Printmaking is the perfect medium to learn about process in art making. YAK members will create prints using three different techniques – monoprinting, relief and etching.


DECEMBER 5 & 12 | Pastel Art

Pastels are known for their vibrancy and rich textures. During this YAK workshop we will investigate both oil and chalk pastel painting as members learn basic techniques such as blending, scumbling and dusting.



FEBRUARY 6 & 13 | Color Field Painting

Through an investigation of Color Field painting YAK members will learn basic color theory such as primary, secondary and tertiary colors and concepts such as warm and cool. We will discuss how color is tied to emotions and learn the history of Color Field painting in art as each YAK member creates their own Color Field painting using the medium of their choice.


MARCH 6 & 13 | String Art

YAK members will have a blast investigating pattern and color as they create designs with string and pins. Each member will make a typographical work of string art using the first letter of their first name and a second piece using the shape of their choice. 


APRIL 3 & 10 | Earth Painting

Celebrate the Earth by using the Earth to create a painting. YAK members will make their own paint using dirt as pigment as they learn about the science of dirt and why it comes in many different colors.


MAY 1 & 8 | Origami Animals

Origami is magic mixed with math - the perfect medium for helping children learn geometry and fractions, eye-hand coordination, learning to follow diagrams, and more! YAK members will explore this ancient art by creating whimsical origami animals.